Innovating business with the tools of curiosity

Unasked questions go unanswered.

We help organizations develop productive cultures of curiosity. Through multi-day interactive sprints, we work to surface valuable questions, teach the tools of questioning through practice, and design systems that encourage curiosity.

Our Approach

How can a business become more curious?


People are accustomed to answering questions, but may not be aware of the importance and power of asking good questions. We present the real-world case for questioning and inspire others to pursue it.


Questions + Action = Innovation.
We facilitate small-group workshops to model questioning in a practical setting. Our goal is to leave your team of experts with a valuable set of questions to pursue after we leave.


Innovative companies are built on questions. We'll work with you to develop systems to encourage curiosity in your organization that mesh with the way you already work.

Where can you see the benefits?

Sales & Marketing

Keep the conversation moving with catalytic questioning.

Product Design

Develop useful features by asking questions of your users.

Culture and People Ops

Learn to lead with questions not commandments.

Big Data

Uncover valuable insights by developing smarter queries.


Probe the unknown to identify  competitive advantages.

Customer Experience

Empathize more effectively with your customers.

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